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Describe your music:  

¿Cómo describirías tu música?

I sing, cry, and laugh my songs, which I have written about life as I have experienced it, rocking on an acoustic or electric guitar over looping heart-pounding percussive beats. What I love the most about creating music is those moments when I connect with my audience through a song. I remember a young man from Chicago who at the end of my performing "All I See Is You" came to greet me in tears. He explained how the song had touched his heart because his Dad had recently passed away. He had just left Jazz Fest in New Orleans and came to get a cup of coffee at Fair Grinds where I was performing. His tears brought tears to my eyes not only for the loss I too had experienced but also that special moment when I was able to connect with a stranger, another human being, a musician himself, on a personal and emotional level. It was a reminder to me on how we are all connected and how music brings us together to remind us of that special bond we have, all of us in this magnificent universe. (Español)

What do you draw inspiration from to sing?

¿En quién te inspiras para cantar?


All things life inspire me: love, light, darkness, the agony of life, the beauty of living, laughter, sadness, good people, the wicked, the ocean, the rivers, plants; in short, the whole body and spirit of the infinite universe.   (Español)

Where are you from?

I was born in New York at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx.

When did you start writing?

When did you start writing?

I was twelve when I wrote my first song. My sister laughed at me. Discouraged and heart-broken, I threw out the song and settled for playing drums at church on Sundays. Then later in life while I was in the military, a buddy asked me “why are you here--you just don't seem like the fighting type?” I said, “no you are right I've never been a good fighter at least not in a literal sense. The truth is I am here because I want to write. I didn't have the money to travel or go to college and I didn't have enough experience to inspire me, so I joined the military in pursuit of economic freedom while at the same time to fight for freedom on my country's behalf. “

I was stationed in Istanbul, Turkey during my country's occupation of Iraq. In fact, I was on standby to go to war. I realized then that I didn't have it in me to kill anyone or to die for something that I had not even experienced myself--freedom! I had no conception of freedom neither in a visual nor tangible form. But thank goodness the war was over and I didn't have to go to battle. I was honorably discharged for my service and traded my rifle for a pen and eventually a guitar and began writing.

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So Long My Friend

One of the hardest things I have had to experience in my life was to say So Long to one of my best friends, Spirit. He was a thirteen-year-old beagle who brought so much joy into my life.  I wrote this song as I kissed him good-bye. Thank you Spirit for sharing your life with me. To you I wrote this song right from the heart: 

When a friend is gone
leaves a void inside
an empty well
in spite of the rain
when a friend is gone
a flame in my heart
burns day and night
deep under the sky
when a friend is gone
I hope time would stop
so I can catch another glimpse never lose sight of his face
when a friend is gone. . .
so long my friend
so long my friend
may we meet again
in another life
so long my friend
so long my friend
may we meet again
in another land
so long my friend
so long my friend
may we meet again
on the shores of love
when a friend is gone
all plans fall through
the way a tree is beaten down
by a passing storm
when a friend is gone
the light of a shooting star
gives birth to another friend
in a distant land
when a friend is gone. . . .
i’m so lost
i’m so lost
i'm so lost
without my friend

Spirit (2002-2015)


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