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Describe your music:  

¿Cómo describirías tu música?

I sing, cry, and laugh my songs, which I have written about life as I have experienced it, rocking on an acoustic or electric guitar. What I love the most about my music is those moments when I can share it with you. To you I owe my inspiration. Thank you for being.   (Español)

What do you draw inspiration from to sing?

¿En quién te inspiras para cantar?


All things life inspire me: love, light, darkness, the agony of life, the beauty of living, laughter, sadness, good people, the wicked, the ocean, the rivers, plants; in short, the whole body and spirit of the infinite universe.   (Español)

Where are you from?

I was born in New York at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx.

When did you start writing?

When did you start writing?

I was twelve years-old when I wrote my first song. My sister laughed at me. I was broken hearted, so I threw out the song and settled for playing drums at church on Sundays.

It wasn’t until much later that I began writing again, because I was distracted with other things of consequence. You see at seventeen, I had joined the Army in pursuit of freedom. The freedom to escape poverty so that I could afford a college education, travel the world, help my mother finish building her house, while at the same time I could be of service to my country.

My first duty station was in Istanbul Turkey for two years. I had only been there a little over a year when the occupation of Iraq was ordered by our President and my unit was on stand-by waiting to be deployed. It was then that it became clear to me that if I were deployed to Iraq, I would have to kill and/or die for something I had never experienced--freedom!

I began questioning things. For instance, I questioned why after so many wars people didn’t seem any freer. I looked around and noticed there were those who had more of the world’s resources than they needed, yet lived oppressed by the fear of losing it all and/or the greed of wanting it all, so they treated others unkindly and without compassion. On the other hand, I noticed others who didn’t have much, but also seemed oppressed by the fear of not having enough and having to compete ruthlessly with each other without compassion in an effort to move to the top with those who seem to have it all. I realized if I myself didn’t know what freedom from greed and fear was or how to begin to find the answer, then how could I possibly set anyone free.

Fortunately, I didn't have to go to war. It had come to a halt, and a year later I completed my active duty obligation in Italy before coming back home to the U.S. However, my quest to discover the meaning of freedom had not ended; on the contrary, it had just begun, and I didn’t have to travel very far from where I was. I once heard someone say that the hardest distance to conquer is the distance between the mind and the heart. And he was so right, but how sweet the challenge.

It was there at the core of my heart that I found the answer I had been looking for. That I had not crashed this cosmological party: I am here; therefore, I am. That the great spirit and body of the Universe that powers all things wants us to be happy and manifests it’s love in the fire that grows and transforms us, the air that moves us, the water that shapes us, and the earth that heals us. It is that knowledge that has set me free from greed and fear and allow love to be the driving force that guides me. The love of being free to do what I love, to share my work with whomever would like to receive it, and to receive the love the world has to offer me.

The same love that had moved me to join the military, also moved me to leave when my service obligation expired after another year of service in Italy. I traded my rifle for a guitar, came to New Orleans, a few years later left for college in Florida, came back to New Orleans to work as an Information Technology Specialist and Visual Information Specialist. These jobs afforded me the opportunity to buy my guitars and other instruments.

In 2012, that’s when I finally picked up the guitar once again to write a song and haven’t stopped writing since then. It hasn’t been easy this journey, for the road to freedom hasn’t been mapped. In fact, it cannot be mapped. An individual's path certainly can’t be carved by force. It’s a road you build yourself as you go and as you travel along your personal journey it disappears behind you.

My mom's favorite line was "you are what you love". I am not sure if I myself have become the embodiment of freedom, but I surely hope that my songs inspire people who connect with my songs to be free from fear, greed, hate, and free to love and be loved.

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So Long My Friend

One of the hardest things I have had to experience in my life was to say So Long to one of my best friends, Spirit. He was a thirteen-year-old beagle who brought so much joy into my life.  I wrote this song as I kissed him good-bye. Thank you Spirit for sharing your life with me. To you I wrote this song right from the heart: 

When a friend is gone
leaves a void inside
an empty well
in spite of the rain
when a friend is gone
a flame in my heart
burns day and night
deep under the sky
when a friend is gone
I hope time would stop
so I can catch another glimpse never lose sight of his face
when a friend is gone. . .
so long my friend
so long my friend
may we meet again
in another life
so long my friend
so long my friend
may we meet again
in another land
so long my friend
so long my friend
may we meet again
on the shores of love
when a friend is gone
all plans fall through
the way a tree is beaten down
by a passing storm
when a friend is gone
the light of a shooting star
gives birth to another friend
in a distant land
when a friend is gone. . . .
i’m so lost
i’m so lost
i'm so lost
without my friend

Spirit (2002-2015)


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